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    Coordinates of an airfoil

      I am trying to establish the X,Y coordinates of an existing wing at various locations along the span of the wing where the wing meets a plane at a Z location.

      Can anyone advise me on how to proceed. 

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          Michael Nelson

          I think this is what you want? If not, post a picture or the part with a better discription.


          Create a plane the distance in Z you want to take the measurements at (Screen1). Start a sketch on the plane, select Intersection Curve, select the wing surface, hit OK. This will project the profile onto your sketch plane.


          Place as many points on the profile as needed and dimension them from the origin (screen 2).

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            Harold Brunt

            Assuming you mean that the Z axis plane intersects the wing along the surface and you are mapping the curve along the plane in the X-Y, you could use the Intersection Curve Tool (Tools/Sketch Tools/Intersection Curve). Select the surface of the wing and the Z axis plane to generate the curve then place sketch points along the curve however frequently you want them.


            Good job Michael - I was typing while you were posting!


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