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mimicking revisions with "Change Revision Counter" in transitions

Question asked by Jeremy Schmidt on Dec 6, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by Jeremy Schmidt

I have read through several posts with similar issues, but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for.


First, a little background... our revision scheme is as follows: we have both minor and major revs. Majors are 00-99 and minors are 00.A, 00.B, ..., 00.Z. So the first minor rev after 02 would be 02.A. The next minor would be 02.B. The next major would be 03. The next minor would be 03.A (NOT 03.C).  I have successfully setup this schema in our workflows.


My issue is this... we may have a legacy document that exists at revision 01.B and has a revision history of 00, 01, and 01.A.  If a user adds another document with the same part number, we need that new document to start at revision 02.B.  We do not want to show this revision history (revision flags) of 00, 01, and 01.A, because in reality, the document did not exist at these revisions.  Instead, I would like to "silently" increment the revision level.  I have a fairly complicated workflow setup that mimics our normal production revision process, but uses the "Change Revision Counter" option in the transitions instead of the "Inc. Revision" action in the transition.  Basically, there is a state and corresponding transition for a major and a minor revision and the corresponding revision is incremented at the transition.  So for my example above, the document would go through the major transition to increment the major revision counter by 1 (rev 00).  Then it would go through the same transition again to increment the counter again by 1 (rev 01).  Then it would go through the minor transition twice to increment the minor counter by 1 each time (01.A, 01.B).  The document is then pushed back to the production workflow.


Now let's say that I send both documents through the standard workflow and go to the next major revision (rev 02).  This works great.  However, if I were to go to the next minor revision instead (rev 01.C), the revision is incremented to 02.C, not 01.C.  I believe that it has something to do with the values in the "Increment" field in the "RevGenCounters" table of the database.  My existing document has different values than the new document before I even send the document to the normal production workflow.  It appears that the "Counter" field and the "Increment" field do not operate in the same way if the "Change Revision Counter" is used to increment the revision instead of the "Inc. Revision" action.


Any insight or suggestions are much appreciated.  Thanks for your help.