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SolidWorks Enhancement Requests

Question asked by Marlon Banta Employee on Dec 6, 2010
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From time to time while reviewing SolidWorks forum discussions I see instances where customers are asking for new functionality or an improvement to an existing behavior in our SolidWorks Products. Though SolidWorks employees frequently review the discussions on the forum, the most efficient way to communicate these requests is to submit an enhancement request through the enhancement request link on the customer portal. Attached is a five minute video that shows the enhancement request process. It shows how to submit an enhancement request (please pay special attention to the part of the video that discusses searching for previously submitted requests) as well as a discussion of the things that happen after you submit an enhancement request.


Please take a few minutes (five minutes, actually) to review this video in order to learn how to most effectively communicate your ideas for enhancements to SolidWorks development.


Thank you,


Marlon B.

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