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    Intersection Curves

    Dave Sterling

      Hey all, I have a bit of a problem and my usual support staff seem to be out of the office today.


      I need to do some Turning on a part that i imported from a customer file, i would like to use the intersection curve function to make a sketch out of the outer profile of the part, but there is no place to slice the part that gets the turn profile correct (see picture)


      Is there a way to combine multiple intersected curves?  or is there another way to get solidworks to revolve the largest parts of a body around an axis?


      if you don't understand my question, let me know, i'd be happy to clarify.



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          Kelvin Lamport

          Is there a way to combine multiple intersected curves?

          Yes. Create individual Intersection Curve sketches, and then create another sketch and use the Convert Entities tool to create one combined sketch.


          Can you add the planes you are trying to get the Intersection Curves onto, and then post the part?