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Parts won't open in 2011 SP0.0

Question asked by David Mandl on Dec 6, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by David Mandl

I have two very large parts stored on my desktop.  Each part has several Simulation studies associated with it (this is why they are stored on my desktop and not on the network).


I created the models in SW 2010, ran the simulation studies in SW 2010, and had no issues.  I have a license for SW Premium.


Last Friday, we upgraded to SW 2011 (SP 0.0).  Now, I cannot open my files.


SolidWorks crashes while it is loading either of my two files.  It gets far enough that I can see the name of the file appear in the menu bar, next to my options button- but then I immediately get the "SldWrks has stopped working/ Windows is checking for a solution to the problem" window and it's all for nothing.  I don't even get a preview of the file before it crashes.


I can, however, see the files if I select the "Quick View" box from the open file window.  Not that that does me any good.


The importance of these files is considerable, and I need to get access to them ASAP.


I am quite certain that the upgrade to SW 2011 is the catalyst here.  I had zero performance issues when I last looked at these files on Thursday.  The only thing that would have changed between then and now would be the 2011 upgrade.