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Mating or constraining parts to pcb surface

Question asked by Harry Stone on Dec 6, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by Harry Stone

I have been able to successfully bring in my 3d models to create an assembly in SW. My question is: Is there a way, when editing a part to be stored into your circuitworks component library, to mate or constrain this part to a pcb surface. Then save it off to the library. This way when you select build model from CW, the assembly is created and the parts are not only as the same x,y coordinates as the pcb layout but the parts are already constrained to the pcb. When I do this now, the parts are in the correct x,y coordinate but if I go to move it and now look at the assembly from a side view, the part is elevated in free space, not still mated to the pcb. I am successful in mating parts to the pcb after the assembly is built but I would like to be able to create the mate or constraint when creating the model. Right now when we create or download the parasolid model we change the global origin to whatever it is in the pcb decal. I would also like to create the constraint at this time as well. Is there anyway of doing this?