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    section view

    Robert Mercer Jr

      How to create a section view in a drawing of a cylinder using a radius line instead of a straight line. Section view must be flat and show full length of the radius.section view.bmp


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          Deepak Gupta

          Robert, why was a need to start a new thread??


          You can the move the discussion by click on Move discussion on the right side under "Actions"


          BTW create the section line first using sketch in the drawing. Select the sketch and then click on section to get the view you need (just an idea to try)

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            Scott McFadden


            I am assuming this is the same question as your other thread.


            The best way to do is is to create a projected view then drawing your

            contour arced section line and do a broken out section view.

            A normal section view will not accept a curved line unfortunately.

            This would make a nice enghancement request.