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floor appearance mapping - improper scaling

Question asked by Alex Rich on Dec 6, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2010 by Alex Rich

today i was messing with floor appearances for a small part i wanted to render (6"x3"x1").  I added brick appearance to the floor of the scene but of course the brick defaulted to a size that was way to small, the bricks were about 1/4" long relative to my part.  When i went to scale the appearance, it did not scale uniformly, only stretched along the length of the bricks, did not resize in the vertical direction.  I played with the aspect ratio, etc but could only get the brick width to resize, not the height.  when i rotated i got a bizarre stretch effect also.


anyone seen this problem or know of a better way to show a realistic floor in a rendering?  I have a feeling even if the scaling wasn't screwed up, it wouldn't have looked like real brick anyway.