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Circuitworks build model issue

Question asked by Alejandro Carrillo on Dec 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2011 by Nebojsa Bajovic

Hello everyone:


At work we are trying to simplify some processes and while at this I ran into this issue: when importing an IDF model into circuitworks it is done fine, it displays no warnings and the model appears to be fine, board and components. The last are fully defined, they have position and height, as I said everything is ok.


When building the model all I get in SW is the board, and the components are parts with only a sketch in it, no height. When I rotate the model I can see the components as if they where extruded but when rotation stops they are invisible again.


More so, with different level of zoom, different components appear.


Any ideas of why this happens?


Thanks in advance.


Alex C.