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Frisbee Design Project

Question asked by Alex Lovallo on Dec 5, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2010 by Roland Schwarz



I am working on a student frisbee dedign project for my university. I am in the mech eng department and not aero so i am missing a little background for this i believe.


My strategy is going to be to model a few different shaped frisbees, with a few different shaped and arranged turbulators.


I made some quick attempts at modeling and it seems pretty straight forward. I am planning on including gravity and rotation, but possibly these are not necessary to simulate drag.


A few questions:


Is solidworks the program for me? will it pick up differences as fine as the tubulator shape in a meaningful way? I also have access to COMSOL, but havent learned the software at all yet.


There are many different outputs available from the model - can someone recommend what is important for me? I assume that force in the direction opposing motion is drag, but other outputs such as tubulence length and intensity I am not sure how to interpret. (I do understand the relationship between turbulence and drag)


Is solidworks calculating lift? Can i create a flight profile with the software?


Any advice on general strategy or software specifics would  be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance to the solidworks community!





Alex Lovallo