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    Collision between 2 spheres

    samson phan

      I'm trying to do a collision between 2 spheres of different materials, each with an associated mass and velocity.  In a real collision, the contact surface increases.  However, I haven't been able to successfully get that to occur.  Last time I tried doing the drop test, again I don't get contact area growth.  Is this possible in COSMOS? Any help would be appreciated.

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          Anthony Botting

          Did you try applying no-penetration contacts to each sphere and dropping them together? It might not work, but a more stable arrangement might be to create a very small flat spot on each sphere, mate the flat spots together, add no-penetration contacts and try dropping them together (perhaps even use half a sphere for the body that will hit the floor first, so it has a nice, big flat area to stop against the floor plane). Unfortunately, the drop-test module does not allow a boundary condition such as 'fixed' on one of the bodies -hence you have to drop them together.