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Rear Projection Image Path

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Dec 3, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by Kevin Dahlquist

I am using SW2010 SP4.


I am working on a rear projection display system. This system uses a hi definition projector to bounce the image off some mirrors before illuminating a translucent screen. There are multiple projectors and light paths and lots of mechanical structure holding it all in place. Unexpected shadows are always a design challenge.


I have not used any of the photorealism features in SW. So I am wondering if you might be able to put a light source in to mimic the projector output and actually look at the rendered image for shadows on the screen? Or is this way beyond the software ability? I would need to be able to shape the light source output to mimic a projector output (hits the wall in a 16:9 rectangle). The light path would need to be able to "recognize" a mirrored/reflective surface and become reoriented after bouncing off the mirror.


I look forward to any comments regarding the feasibility of an approach like this.


Thanks in advance.