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Help mapping global variable from part to drawing

Question asked by Todd Pelman on Dec 3, 2010

Much obliged if anyone can shed some light on the following issue, I'm suspecting it's a bug..


I'm running SW2010_SP4


I created a few global variables in a part file using the Equation editor. The first variable standardizes the mass of the part to show mass in kg regardless of the system or document settings. The second variable multiplies a constant to the first variable. All variables and properties show up correctly inside of the part's Equations folder, requiring an initial rebuild to get my created variables to populate. And all the values show up correctly inside the part's Custom tab of the Summary Information.


The issue is mapping some of these variables over to a drawing. I'm able to succefully map the first variable I created, standardizing the mass. But the second variable

returns a "0". When expanding the Equations folder inside the Drawing View, I see all of the correct values for the variables and properties once I rebuild. Conversely, while I am editing the sheet and select the note I can pull up the Link to Property window, and when I select the radio button for "Model in view specified in sheet properties" and then select the "Find Properties" button the Custom tab on the Summary Information window shows a value of "0" in the Evaluated Value field and not the correct value.


The fact that the first variable works, and the second variable does not is somewhat vexing, Any help would be much appreciated.