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    SolidWorks vs Solid Edge/Autocad/Pro-E

    Tony Calderone

      My company currently has three different design locations that use Solid Edge, Auto Cad, and Pro-E.  We all agree that we want to all start using SolidWorks.


      We need to compile a list of advantages SolidWorks has over these other CAD programs to sell the idea to our Corporate HQ.


      Will folks here help us out?

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          John Sutherland

          Surely that depends on the type of work you do?

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            Anna Wood

            Why do you agree that SolidWorks is the way to go?  You all have some ideas of why that you should be able to articulate to management.  Get them down on paper.


            I would do a competitive analysis of SW, SE and ProE to decide which software is best for all your needs among all your locations.  SW may not be the best package when looking at the big picture of all the work you do.


            Take an unbiased look at all the packages.


            Be sure to also include the availability of designers/engineers in your area to use the packages and also available training options.


            What do your customers use?


            How about your vendors?


            Do you have down stream processes in your manufacturing areas that would benefit from add-on packages for CAM, etc that would allow you to eliminate the need for translating data.


            What about everyone else in the company.  What do they use to view drawings and models.


            Do you use your models for rendering to support sales, or maybe models to help with parts catalogs or manuals.  Etc.....


            You need to take a big picture look of your entire business and get the best software package that will support all of your potential uses of the 3D data.


            You shouldn't look at the decision from the perspective of we like using SolidWorks and we do not want to learn a new CAD package.


            You should be able to clearly articulate what you want your software package to do for you to support your engineering and business processes. This is a CAD agnostic list of requirements.  Then go find the best CAD package that will support those requirements.


            Just a suggestion....  :-)





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              Scott McFadden


              I have used both Pro-E (5 years) and Solidworks (11 years).  I can tell you first hand that Pro-E is

              more complicated and less user/interface friendly.  Solidworks is a lot easier to learn and function.

              Without going into a line by line comparison my last 2 jobs have switched from Pro-E to Solidworks

              without looking back and have no regrets.  I have dealt with ones on this portal who have switched as well

              Here is a link that might help you in your decision.



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                Wayne Tiffany

                Ok, I'll chime in here with the lighter side as others have covered the heavier side.  A good reason to switch to SW is because of the community of users and SW employees that all want to help you succeed.  An easy thing to show the bosses is the variety and content you find here in the forums.  Add to that the active user groups and SWUGN events, and I think it will be obvious that you won't be going it alone in the world.   I don't believe you will find that type of willing support with another variety.



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                  Mike Agan

                  I would think a VAR would be willing to help you. Just on the surface, there must be a cost savings havingn SW over ProE.

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                    Jim Steinmeyer

                    And I would have to disagree with Scott and Wayne. I have 5 years first with Pro and now with SW and i would far prefer to run Pro. Also I found the Pro forums as helpful as this excellent group . I also felt that Pro could do more than SW when I started in SW. That said, much of that extra horsepower is unused for the vast majority of users and comes at a pretty hefty price tag $$. And that cost easily offsets the additional power for more companys. (don't ask for examples, I have a hard time remembering yesterday's lunch).

                    I would agree with Anna that you need to consider the big picture of how others in your orginizations use, or could use, your models and drawings. PTC just had a big unvailing of how they are reconfiguring their software to allow the output to be used in several different departments and not just engineering and manufacturing. i watched their dog-n-pony show and thought of dollar signs moving faster than on a gas pump but maybe the added functionallity would be worth it to your company. Maybe not. But those are options that need to be looked at beyond just what you are familiar (comfortable) with. If your company is looking at making the investment to standardize your software platforms now is the time to look at where you can go to improve overall company productivity, not just your own.

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                      Chad Schmidt

                      I wouldn't make any decisions until the V6 based SolidWorks comes out.



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                        Tony Cantrell

                        If you are trying to sell management, you will need to show a cost and return value. What is the cost of users & update training versus the productivity return.

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                            alessandro marchetti

                            This is a good point. What is the current percentage of users on SE and Pro/E in the company? If you standardize on one of the two, you don't need to buy the licenses and make training for the operators that already use that package.


                            I'm a long time SE user and a beginner in SWX, and every day I find something that SWX misses if compared to SE, but maybe it is due to the lack of knowledge in SWX only.

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                                Alessandro Frattini

                                Hi Alessandro,

                                it's true, SW lacks in some drafting area, but there are area where is very good CAD.

                                - Simulation

                                - Motion

                                - Rendering

                                - Surface

                                - Sheet Metal

                                - Modeling

                                - Weldment

                                - Assembly

                                - Solution Partners

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                                    Patrick Couture

                                    I'm in the same position as Mr. Marchetti, I've use SE for the last 6 years and now I'm on SW since july. There are times when I wish I was with SE and other I'm glad I'm using SW, but there is no clear cut choice between both products. It depends a lot on the type of products you are doing. I think it's up to the users to select the software which is the strongest for what they want to do with it. Objectively I think SW is a better overall product but it all depends on how you use it.


                                    If you already have some SE seats and are intending to use the sheetmetal package I would strongly suggest SE. The only thing SW is doing better in that regard is making use of multiple bodies in the same part.


                                    What about Synchronous Technology could it be a factor in the decision?



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                                        Alessandro Frattini

                                        Hi Patrick,

                                        I'm a SolidWorks and NX user.

                                        SolidWorks lacks in direct modeling when the part is an imported part....for example when the project came from another CAD and you have to edit or when you download parts from suppliers.

                                        But if you ask me if I use ST in NX I tell you no.

                                        History is fundamental and the only situation when I use the ST is in the history mode, because I want that for each ST operation I want a feature to edit or to understand what it was done.


                                        About sheet metal in SE, I tell you that SW is better then SE.

                                        It's better for more option to pilot the flat pattern (tables and gauge).

                                        It's better for flange that you have the opportunity to select more then one edge.

                                        It's better for the option in the length flange (up to edge, surface, etc..).


                                        Convert to sheet metal that I tested on a drafted cube (SW create a sheet metal and SE no).

                                        The same environment in SW (part, sheet metal, weldment), but SE use a different environment for sheet metal and a different file extension.

                                        Instant3D for sheet metal in SW is very nice, but SE you have to edit.

                                        Those are some difference.

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                                  John Jablonski

                                  I'm curious who "all of us" is. All of you SW users? Because I'm willing to bet that all of your ProE (Creo?) users are saying the exact same thing you are, but with regards to ProE.


                                  As an aside, a quick note to Scott McFadden:

                                  I have used both Pro-E (3 years) and Solidworks (9 years).  I can tell you first hand that Solidworks is

                                  more complicated and less user/interface friendly. ;-)




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                                    Sujan Patel

                                    It all depends on what you do , how much you are willing to pay and how much you want to loose


                                    Pro-E (Now Creo ) most of the modules are add-on i.e. buy

                                    Solidworks many modules are inculdedin base software

                                    SE has made siginifiant progress in last three year worth looking over SW



                                    Large Assemblies  Pro-E better(stability and contr ol)over SW

                                    SW has not capabilities to manage and control large assemblies when it comes to highly configurable products



                                    SW offers more tools Sheetmeal, weldment, mold, surface tools inbase package

                                    Pro/E  all these as add-on



                                    SW easy to program

                                    Pro/E tough...



                                    Simple commands learning curve same in Pro/E and SW

                                    Complex geometry

                                    Commands in Pro/E are more structured while in SW loose. This is one big reason SW is popular.



                                    We made big mistake dumping Pro/E for SW

                                    ...because SW is so easy and make s lost of mistakes that Engineers are no longer valuable anyone can work on SW....perform FEA & simulations