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    part number automated in cut lists

    Christine Bickenbach

      I have two parts in my cut list, each is a configuration.  So I have part A configuration b  and part C configuration D.

      I am trying to figure out how the part number (configuration number to be more exact) show up automatically in my cut list.  It seems I have to type it in manually.  I don't like this as this is room for error.  I could like to see that it automatically populates like in the BOM table.

      is there a way to do this??


      I am using SW 2010


      Thank you for any help. (I've also posted this in the weldments thread, but am not getting much notice there, so please forgive for the double post)



        • Re: part number automated in cut lists
          Ryan Werner

          Hi Christine,


          I am pretty sure you are out of luck as far as being able to get the part number from an inserted part to automatically show up in a cut list.  Since a weldment is supposed to be its own unique part they have not added this functionality.  I have read some threads that illustrated work arounds to get part numbers linked with an inserted part to show up but from what I could tell they weren't really any quicker, easier, or less prone to mistakes than simply manually putting a part number in the properties for the cut list item.  Good luck all the same.


          Ryan W.