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ePDM - How to prevent user duplication of files in different sub-folders?

Question asked by 1-PGZVBD on Dec 2, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by 1-PGZVBD

Does anyone know how to setup ePDM to prevent users from placing duplicate files in different subfolder/projects location resulting in mix up in control documents?


We have few instances where new user forgot to check out the file prior to making changes or when user did not pull the latest version of a subassembly. This resulted in the user save the changed part/subassy in a different location as the original file was. And when the user pull up a higher level assy, which is still referencing to the old file location, the work seemed to have been lost. While it is improtant for users to be clear about file references, it is inevitable that, even with experienced users, human error could still occur while not paying attention.


I used to use PDMWorks and it only allow unique filenames making it impossible for someone to accientally check in a file with same file name to different location.


Thanks in advance.