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    Non-Linear, Permanent Displacement Results

    James Benting



      Have recently started using non-linear simulation - i have set the new material properties for young's modulus e.t.c,


      I set a time curve before starting the simulation but am struggling to find the permanent displacement results/ displacement when the load is removed???


      Any help?





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          Anthony Botting

          As long as you have a stress-strain curve that represents some permanent-set when the structure is unloaded (plasticity-von Mises or Tresca), it only sounds like you need to add the "unloading" portion of the time curve. Typically you can ramp-down the load to zero on the same curve as for ramping-up the load. Then you can plot the deformation at the end of the analysis when the load is at zero, and you should be able to observe a permanent-set (or residual strain) in the structure. Hope that helps.