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WINDOWS 7 x64 with SW2010 SP4.0 SLOOOOOOOW Renders

Question asked by Mark Craig on Dec 2, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by Greg Hynd

Hi Guys,



comp spec;


AMD PhenomII X61090T (6 CORES x 3.2GHz)

8GB 1600MHz Dominator RAM

ATI FireGL V3350 256MB

WINDOWS 7 x64 Pro



All software and hardware updated on 02.12.10



Rendering a 316 st/st cube with 4 holes in Photoworks2010S.P4.0.


On my previous setup this would take approx 5 mins (WinXPx32)


On my current setup it takes 25 mins!!! WTF!



Any ideas folks?