Trouble patching clients from Admin Image

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 23, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2006 by 1-5J6-999
Thanks... Now that I know (or think I know) what's going on, I think I prefer my current method, with all installing done via command prompt, over the HTML page that installs SW, followed by a batch file to do all the accessories.

Here's why:
- Inevitably some users have security settings to where the HTML scripts don't work.
- Patching of SW and addons can be done "all at once" or selectively. In my update batch file, SolidWorks gets updated, then Explorer, which updates eDrawings and PDMWClient. No relying on users manually updating PDMWClient. Maybe future batch files will decode the user, and install the correct features for that user rather than everyone getting everything... That would be sweet!
- The install and patch batch files only need one extra line to do SolidWorks installation/patching also.
- The patching of the images can take place during working hours without fear of some users getting patched automatically when they start.

But that's just my opinion... Sure wish they would make it easier to administer groups of seats AND their associated addon products!! But I guess that's why we get the big bucks

Thanks for your input,