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SW 2011 Toolbox problems - "save as" parts reverting to original length

Question asked by Michael Hubbard on Dec 1, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by Tim R

I have a co-worker (at another site across the country) who is having a Toolbox problem since upgrading to SW 2011.  See his e-mail to me below:

All I can say now is Wow!!  SW is possessed by demons.  Last night I left here pissed off because some holes I put into a C channel disappeared and I couldn't get them back.  The C channel kept going back to its original shape, with no holes.  This morning, the holes returned on the part and in the assembly.  I'm glad to have them back, but what the hell is going on?!?!?!


FYI, It appears that SW 2011 wants to revert the tool box parts back to the original size that they were created.  In SW 2010, I started with a 32" piece of tube steel and then made 5 different lengths with the same "save as copy" check.  When I opened this assembly for the first time in 2011, all the pieces went back to 32".  Same happened with my other size tubes and c channel.  I fixed it twice, all looked good, and then the next time I opened the file, they all went back to the same, original length.  Yesterday I started with a new part out of the toolbox for each length of steel.  This seemed to fix it.  They all stayed the correct length but I did have the hole issue mentioned above.

Is there someone I should mention this to and see if there is a fix or if I'm just doing something wrong?


Thanks,  Xxxxx




Any ideas what might be going on?