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    disappearing symbols

    Aaron Tuck

      I just opened a drawing to find that all my symbols have changed to their scripts (e.g. <MOD-DIAM> for diameter symbol).


      I can't change them back. Gah.


      Is solidworks 2011 the new vista?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Generally a restart should fix it up, so try restarting the pc. If that doesn't fix it then look for Gtol.sym file in another machine where it displays the dia symbol as required. Just overwrite your file with that one. Gtol.sym file is under C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\lang\English folder (path may vary in different version of SW)

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            Kelvin Lamport

            That used to happen (may still) when a second session of SW is running. Check the Task Manager for multiple sldwrks.exe processes.

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              Silas Raabyemagle

              Just had the same problem, so i checked under options->file locations, it was still linking to the old gtol.sym file from a previous installed version, which was now uninstalled. So i had to add the location for the current installed version instead. This solved the problem imediately.

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                  Bill Martel

                  Extended Correct AnswerRe: disappearing symbolsI am discovering I did not have a clean installation of S/W 2018. The information Silas provided helped me solve the problem I had, described by Aaron. To provide a little more information to make it easier for the next guy; I went to options->file locations, in the case of the <MOD-DIAM> for diameter symbol I needed to go to the folders for symbol library file, delete the one that pointed to 2016 and point it to my new one in 2018

                  Thanks to all who contributed to this thread, I can resume work now