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Take a flippin' guess sketch relations!

Question asked by Malcolm Cook on Nov 30, 2010

Often when editing geometry in features and sketches above other features and sketches in the feature manager, when rolling forward sketches fall over and references go dangling even though the majority of the time, referenced edges, vertices and faces still appear to be there. The reason this happens is that when you are editing, SolidWorks may rename the face/edge/vertices that have changed or been replaced/split etc. But how annoying is it?!.

It would be great if there was a setting/functionality that would automatically re-attach the dangling reference to the nearest entity. Perhaps with a proximity setting: i.e. "automatically reattach sketch reference to nearest edge/face/vertices with 1mm of original reference". This would mean that only the references that are clearly disjointed would be flagged.


This would save hours and hours of editing time. If you agree with me: search for the following SPR in the customer portal and add yourself to it by selecting the radio button: "yes, but notify me when this is fixed"


SPR 542076: Option in sketcher to atempt to re-attach dangling references