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    ProE symbol into SW block?

    Bonnie Caruthers

      I would like to use a symbol (actually many) that I created in ProE as a block in SW.  I brought it into a Pro drawing and then saved it as both a dxf and a dwg.  I can break it down to individual entities using the dxf but it breaks down the text to pieces as well.  Is there an easier/manageable way to do this???  I have about 15 years worth of company and customer specific symbols in ProE and it would be nice if I can bring at least some directly into SW.




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          Scott McFadden

          Hey Bonnie,

          First, did I answer you on your formats issue?  I never saw a response from the other thread or maybe I missed it.


          I find it interesting in Solidworks how you can bring in Pro-E parts and assemblies, but not drawings?


          Have you tried bringing in your dxf into the Solidworks 2D editor?  Just wonderig if it makes any difference.


          What kind of symbols are we talking about?  Specific to your company?  or ANSI standard symbols.

          The reason I ask is because you might be able to find standard symbols off of the Solidworks website

          or the net.  Other then that I don't know of another way straight forward.  Othere then to recreate them or take what you get

          from your imported dxf file from Pro-E and start from there.

          Can you post any of these files so I can take a crack at them?

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              Bonnie Caruthers

              running out the door - will get back to this in a little bit....

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                Bonnie Caruthers

                Hi Scott,


                Finally getting back to this.  I find that, for now at least, I can bring them in a dxf drawing file, convert them into entities and manipulate from there.  I have not worked with the SW 2D editor.  My work has been pretty limited over these first few months (detailing) and have had little time to play.  No, these are either specific to the company, some/graphic circuit layouts, logos, etc. Some are industry standards and I found those in the symbol list. SW does offer a better selection of these than ProE and some of what I had to make were basic things. Btw, is there a way to add any to that?  I also know about special characters (keyboard) such as alt +0181 = µ.


                You mentioned bringing in ProE parts and assys.  I was going to post a new thread or do a search, and likely still will as this may have been covered in depth or maybe you can direct me to a conversation.  How difficult is it to convert from ProE to SW?  Does a part have to remain as an import feature (like in ProE) and remain unable to manipulate or is there a way to integrate it into SW so a part does not need to be recreated from scratch?


                Nice to have a fellow ProE user to commiserate with!



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                    Scott McFadden

                    Hi Bonnie,

                    Yeah, I do know a little about Pro-E so that is nice.

                    I was able to refresh myself before I was let go at my last job for the last 2 weeks.

                    Of course I have probobly already told you this.


                    Key stroke symbology, see this thread.  There are a bunch of them.

                    I know alt 0216 = Ø

                    alt 248 = °

                    those are a couple of the top of my head.



                    Bringing in Pro-E files into Solidworks.  2 jobs ago (where I first gained my Pro-E and Solidworks

                    experience, once we got Solidworks working full bore, we only kept Pro-E around to call up

                    old files for very minor changes.  Up until 2007 the conversion was painful !!!

                    Since then and I have done it, all you have to do is file>open and change your file type to be either

                    Pro-E part or assembly.  When the file is called up depending on the complexity of the Pro-E file

                    it comes up rather painlessly.  Solidworks does assume some things, which is to be expected

                    but when it comes up (and again depending on the complexity of it) looks just like the Pro-E part.

                    Now the sketches are undefined and all of the lines, arcs and circles are blue, but that is

                    easy enough to add dimensions.  Beats recreating it.

                    Now the complex files I speak of are the ones with lofts and sweeps.  Those sometimes don't come in so nice.

                    I hope this addresses your questions on the Pro-E to Solidworks converstion so you don't feel you need to

                    do another thread.


                    And I hope I have answered all of your questions.


                    Oh, the symbols.  Looks like you are on your way with that.  FYI, for the ones that Solidworks does provide

                    you can save those as favorites and build up that library.

                    Good Luck.

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                        Bonnie Caruthers

                        After I wrote I did do a search and read a few threads then came across one of yours with this info.  My next question is what options are best?  I looked at help, but frankly I am a bit confused.  This is for a simple terminal and rivet assy, ( figure i  would start with something simple and small)



                        An additional question on this - I have both WF4 & WF5 on my computers right now.  The project I am looking to import is in WF4 (which I prefer) but wondering if parts/assy import better from WF5?  If so, I will bring them into 5.  Any difference b/t the 2?


                        thanks again!!



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                            Scott McFadden

                            Hi Bonnie,

                            Found it.

                            I always used wireframe and surfaces.  Then did the features selection.

                            Because I wanted to my features to directly come over.  Now, when I did this I was bringing

                            in 2000i2 Pro-E parts.  The settings may be slightly different.  The job I was using 2000i2

                            was 2 jobs ago.  My last job which I described above, (last 2 weeks deal) I never imported

                            any parts but that was WF3.  They had 4 but considering the fact they did a lot with the government

                            their hands were tied to stay with WF3.  If you ahve ever worked with the government you will understand


                            As far as which is better for importing into Solidworks?  WF4 or WF5.  Couldn't tell you.  If you like

                            WF4 then I would go with that.  Don't know if it is going to make that big of a difference.

                            Are you running 2011 yet or are you still on 2010?

                            I hope this helps you.  Sorry I missed this earlier.