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Overiding dimension text

Question asked by Ryan Weedon on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by Ryan Weedon

SW2011SP0 on WinXP-64.


I have an issue that has come up since installing SW2011.  Never had a problem with previous versions.  In the dimension text on a drawing, I want to add a counterbore symbol to the default text.  Whether I click the button for a counterbore in the Dimension property manager, or type <HOLE-SPOT> where I want it (after clicking Yes to whether or not I want to modify the callout text), when I click back on the sheet (or click the green checkmark) nothing changes.  I then select the dimension text again and see that the change is missing from the property manager.  I was always able to do this in the past with no problem.  Now I have to add a Note annotation instead of using the dimension to get it to display what I would like.  Is this a known bug?  Can anyone recreate this issue?