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Sheet Metal Properties: Accessing Parameters

Question asked by Denny Metcalf on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by Damian Gillespie

Quick question, likely long answer...


To my delight SW 2011 finally has an automated bounding box around sheet metal flat patterns.

It seems to work nicely and I'm able to use the parameters like other metadata for my BOM.

"SW-Bounding Box Length@@@Cut-List-Item1@Part1.sldprt"

"SW-Bounding Box Width@@@Cut-List-Item1@Part1.sldprt"


Does anyone know how I can directly access these values though?


For instance, I can access other values in Custom Properties with:

  • From Summary:     $PRP:"SW-Author"
  • From Equations:     "Variable@Part1.sldprt"
  • From Dimensions:     "D1@Sketch1" or "D1@Sketch1@Part1.sldprt"
  • From Mass Props:     "SW-Density" or "SW-Density@Part1.sldprt"


Otherwise it looks like this new feature is only half useful for me.


Any solutions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.