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    Simulation Files

    Sean Leo



      I've been running a few linear static simulations and upon completion I have tons of files saved to my hard drive. Here are a few:


      096 File

      097 File

      098 File

      ...126 File, 127 File

      HDR File

      P39 File

      P45 File

      PC0 FIle

      STE File

      GEN File

      CWR File

      NOD File

      ELE File

      DSP File


      Which of these files are trully essential to keep, in order to review my results in the future? I am trying to save space on my hard drive. The files range from a few MB to mostly 60MB with the CWR being a few GB.

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          Keith Parker

          Sean - The CWR file is the only one you need to keep.  Try it, then you'll be sure...

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            Anthony Botting

            We know there is a bug-fix for that (please try latest SP) to get rid of the files with numerical prefixes. Also, there is a switch in Simulation Options, Default Options, Results tab in the "Results folder" section, that might be turned-on. It is labeled "Keep temporary database files".  The bottom-line file you need for viewing results is a kind-of archive file with extension "CWR" (formerly stood for "Cosmos Works Results"). If you give the model to someone, you can send them that CWR file, too. When they open your model and request results, the software will unzip that archive file to expose the results for post-processing. Hope that helps.