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    How can I simulate a rotating wheel in FloWorks?

    Yuriy de Zwart

      Hi guys,


      I need to simulate a wheel for a school project, but I don't know how to make the wheel rotate, so the simulation will be more realistic. Could someone please explane this, or link me a tutorial or something?



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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Yuriy: The software can rotate a sub-domain of fluid around the wheel in the opposite direction of rotation (simulating the effect of wheel rotation). You create a new part that looks like a cylinder and a bit larger than the wheel dimensions, and cover the wheel with the cylinder (make it transparent so you can still see the wheel). Then, "disable" that cylinder so Flow Simulation will know to allow fluid to cross the boundaries as needed. You invoke a command to spin the cylinder (of fluid) around the wheel.  If you look at Chapter 12 "Rotating Impeller" of the Tutorial file, it shows how to rotatate your entire domain around a part, but you can just rotate a sub-domain of fluid around a particular part (they call it a "Rotating Region"). Go to menu "Help, SolidWorks Simulation, Flow Simulation Online Tutorial" for the global rotation example so you get an idea of the command sequence.  For the rotating region example, on the Help menu, key-in "rotation" to the index tab and there is an explanation called "Rotating Regions - Creating" with a picture showing how to do it locally. I hope this helps! - Tony

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            Bill McEachern

            You can add a wall condition to impart velocities to the  surfaces. You do not need to use the rotating frame option.

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              Kees Kuijt

              Hi Yuriy,


              I think your question is about animating the flow simulation with an animation of the wheel (like you can do in Motion).

              As far as I know you can't animate the wheel while simulating it without writing complex scripts that animate the model and analyze it after every moment.


              I takes a large amount of time to create this animation and I'm not sure whether the results of such a script are reliable or not.


              Let's hope Solidworks implements this function sometime.


              Kind regards,


              Kees Kuijt