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Revision Table Rules

Question asked by Stephen Ball on Nov 29, 2010

Hi there,


I have been setting up templates and such for drawings using PDM Workgroup.  One thing I wanted to implement is the auto-revision table feature.  It seems to function correctly, but I wonder if there is a way to do something as I describe below.


My revision scheme is as follows.  I have primary and secondary which both go from 0 to 100.  The idea is that the secondary levels are used for "working" revisions which are not yet ready for release.  Once the part/drawing has been "released", the revision primary revision is incremented, setting the secondary number back to 0.  So, a released part is ALWAYS x.0, where x is some number from 1 to 100.


On my drawings, I want to display only the "released" revisions to appear in the revision table.  In the PDM Admin tool, I set the revision rules to "primary" only.  I had interpreted this to mean that the table would be updated when the primary revision was updated.  But what appears to happen with this setting is that the table is updated ONLY if the revision number has ONLY a primary number.  So, for my revision scheme, the table NEVER gets updated, because I always have primary and secondary numbers.  If I also check off "secondary" in the revision table rules, then every single revision I check in is listed in the table, which is not what I want either.


My question then, is whether there is a way to get my plan to work?  I suppose that I could use the "last revision type optional" feature to ensure that all my "released" parts have a single primary revision number.  The only disadvantage is that once I've checked in with a primary number only, the default increment becomes the primary number, instead of the secondary number.  The reason that this is a disadvantage is admittedly minor.  Basically, it requires a manual selection of the "next secondary revision" when creating "working" revisions for the first time.  After that first secondary revision, the default becomes the secondary revision.