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    Automaticly apply settings

    Robert Pereira



      I would like to force all my users to use the same SolidWorks settings.


      Is there a way to prevent the users from changing their settings.




      Is there is a way to automaicly re-apply the .sldreg file created by the Copy Setting Wizard, this way I could create a setting file they way I want it and it will automaticly change each users setting back to the prefered one.





      Robert Pereira

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          Deepak Gupta

          Using the Copy Setting wizard, you can restore the setting on network too (means many computer at same time)

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            Hardie Johnson

            What a tyrant!  ;-) I am interested in why you want everyone to work the same way? As a frinstance, people like different mouse settings; some people want big icons all on the top, I prefer small icons along the left edge which gives more screen for the viewing area.

            As pointed out, you can save a startup setup of the configuration, but after that it becomes a 'personal' computer.

            "prefers his mouse on the left"

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                Robert Pereira



                The fact that you prefer your mouse on left is already a point of concern to me ;-)


                All jokes aside.


                Let me rephrase.  I am a VAR and have a customer who is converting from ProE to SolidWorks and he has this ability in ProE. I don't know if it is standard functionality of if it is done via a batch file.


                Regardless if this borders on communism or not in some case it does have some merits and would be helpful to have the option to lock this down for some users as they cannot resist to mess up all the settings.

                Take for instance the image quality setting. if one user decides to set this to the maximum and saves a large assembly  then everybody suffers as a result. I have seen this first hand. with customers not being able to open assemblies at all because "Einstein" in the corner decided that the model looks much nicer with all the holes 100% round.

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                    John Burrill

                    OK,  in this particular case, you're talking about a document setting, not a system configuratino setting.  Otherwise the model would simply load with the settings of the downgraded machine

                    In this particular case, I'd look at getting a set of templates at the ready for everyone to use.  I've discovered that CADDER's respond to using templates pretty well if you make the tempalte do some work for them. Tweak the edge resolution and throw in some custom properties.

                    Now, to the question at hand.  Our company recently hired on some Pro-E people to learn solidworks and this capability was brought to my attention.  I noted that MicroStation has similar capability and it's not neccesarily the result of IT megalomania, but instead provides an administrative console to locate and update resources in environments with hundreds of machines.  Consider how you would handle implementing a centralized hole callout format file?  An email?  Going from machine to machine launching solidworks and changing the path in file locations?  If I understand Pro E's capabilities, you can manage just that one path setting from an administrative console.  The change is instant and applies across the board.  And yes, you can lock it so that users can't change it back.  The fact that Pro E gives administrators the ability to exercize this kind of control does not mean it's prescribed.  You can make the system as open or restricted as the circumstances warrant.

                    Unfortunately, the answer stands, Solidworks doesn't have this capability.  Solidworks applications settings are driven by the local registry of the machine where the software is installed.  There's no built in capability to restrict what settings users can change.

                    That being said, you can still clamp specific registry keys through group policy and reinitialize them with login scripts.  You have to do it at the domain level.

                    So how long have you been with this VAR?


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                        Robert Pereira

                        Hi John


                        This has never been a major issue before. more customers are requesting it now as more and more companies are converting to SolidWorks from ProE.

                        What we have done to overcome the problem with the image qualty is, we created an API that changes all these setting to 10% of the maximum value without having to open the files in SolidWorks. it solved the problem 


                        I have been with the VAR for 13 years(Since SolidWorks 97).





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                    Scott McFadden


                    I agree with Hardie, why do you want to control everyones computer so?

                    I have worked for places that took away administrative privileges on workers

                    PCs but the Solidworks settings were always something thatindividuals at least

                    feel they could work more effectively if things were set or arranged to be

                    condusive to there comfort level.  Take that away and you loose productivity.


                    If you have to do it 2 things come to mind.  You could write a batch file to automatically

                    load the .sldreg file each time the system is booted up, but after that they can change it for the day.


                    The other thing you might want to think about and maybe this is where you need to look is

                    setting your own drafting standards.  Get your standards set per ASME-Y14.5-2009

                    and save them then load those.



                    The last thing is you can setup templates.  Part, Assembly and drawing templates then lock those down

                    so only one or two people can update them.

                    Hope this helps.

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                        Mike McLaughlin



                        How do you lock the templates down? I keep ours on the network. If I make them read-only SWX barks at the user; If I change the access rights to the folder it also complains.

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                            Scott McFadden


                            What I would do is put them in a special section on the network

                            then make that section RO.  So only one or two people have RW access

                            to them.  We did this at my old job so myself and one other person were the only ones having the

                            ability to change or modify them.   Bassically someone that has the ability to know how to place

                            these permissions on a network drive should do this.  I personally do not know how.

                            Hope this makes sense to you.

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                                Mike McLaughlin



                                I have all our templates in a network folder. I tried making them read-only, but SWX complains when they are  used. So I removed the RO and tried restricting users write privilege on that folder. SWX didn't like that either. I can't remember the error messages now. Could be the IT guy did the permissions wrong, but it was a mess to fix. Lots of inherited/group stuff here.


                                I copied the templates to another folder, and just keep an eye on the saved dates. If I see a change that I didn't make, I dump my "good" set back to the official folder. Not an ideal solution. I only have 2 users who mess with things, and I can't beat on them about it for a variety of political reasons.

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                              Robert Pereira

                              Thanks Scott I will check this out 

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                              Kieran Choy

                              Robert, I can confirm that it can be done, this is what happened at my university.


                              We had a computer lab where each user had a log on. Every time you logged on, SolidWorks would have reset the registry (to whatever was the default). I would then apply my SLDREG file to apply my settings, but I had to do this every time I logged on to a computer.


                              I have no idea how it was done - the IT guys there definitely knew their stuff though - I imagine it's a setting in windows somewhere, regarding resetting the registry from a master source when the computer is logged on or off.


                              Interestingly, each machine had a local folder for your user settings, my documents, etc., so changing the desktop picture would be remembered on each machine when you logged back on.