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    The Sketch is currently open?

    Kendall Behnke



      I am learning SolidWorks. Killer.


      Here’s my problem: I have created a basic sketch; a shape with a couple angles. It is fully defined.  It will Extrude, but just before it does, I get an error message (of sorts!). It says:




      I have double-tripled checked, and the Sketch is already closed.  I think it has to be to create the Extrude.


      Any ides?





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          Filipe Venceslau

          Hi Kendall!


          Hope you're enjoying Solidworks, there's plenty to learn...very powerful/dynamic piece of software.

          Make sure you have a closed contour of non-construction (solid black) lines.



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              Kendall Behnke

              Thanks for the quick response ... too bad I can't repeat the problem.  Aaarggh! ... Don't you hate that?  Now that I have the help (you), I cannot get the problem to repeat itself.  Of course!


              I am not sure I was totally able to understand your reply;  but I did have a ‘Centerline’ that I was using for an ‘Axis’ for a ‘Revolve’ (?).  After I posted my thread, I must have converted it to a solid line, which I think solved the problem … and, if I understand you correctly, was sort-of what you were telling me to do.  I did not have a contour (at least not one I made purposely, or noticed), but I did need to convert that ‘Centerline’ to Blue(?).  Close to Black (Ha  … ah !!) This program is nuts.   And the learning curve is painful (but I love it).


              Anyway, I am going to give you the credit; because you were able to fix the problem by osmosis. Thanks for thinking about it.



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                  Jerry Steiger



                  Construction lines have the center line font. They aren't used in the contour to Extrude or Revolve a body, only (possibly) as an axis to revolve around; they don't count for making a closed contour.


                  Blue means a line, arc, spline or point is not fully defined. Black means it is fully defined. It's usually a good idea to keep your sketches fully defined, so that you don't get any surprises when you change parameters.


                  Jerry Steiger

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                    Filipe Venceslau

                    Hi Kendall,


                    To repeat and understand the problem, create a sketch with an "open contour" like the picture below. It is considered a "open contour" because by general purpose, construction geometry (dashed lines) is meant for aiding in sketch layout, and the software ignores it. So, if you want to revolve extrude something and you leave only the arc, in theory, you would be making more like a surface instead of a solid. If you want to revolve a sphere (like in this example) the centerline needs to be a solid line, and to do so, just click on the line (while editing the sketch), and on the left hand side in the property manager you'll see a check box that you can uncheck "For construction", this will toggle geometry from construction to non-construction. That's what I meant, by making sure your geometry was all non-construction.


                    Here's an example of an incorrect way of trying to make a solid sphere with a revolve. Notice how the center axis is construction geometry, it should be a solid line instead (non-construction geometry).




                    When I try and make a revolve bass out of these sketch I get the same error you specified in this thread....




                    If you click yes, solidworks is smart enough to toggle that construction line into non-construction and automatically assumes it as the axis (at least in a simple case like this one...) at the same time...

                    Notice How on the left hand side in the property manager, the "For Construction" property was automatically toggled off for this specific sketch entity (line) as a result of having accepted solidworks suggestion to fix the sketch.

                    Note: After clicking yes, you would have gone straight into the feature, and you would see the sphere body preview (next picture), I just wanted to show how solidworks fixed the sketch automatically.




                    And here's what it should look like after you clicked yes to fix the sketch as in the second picture...

                    Even though that Axis of revolution makes you think it should be a centerline, in this specific arrangement it shouldn't.




                    This is an example of when you're axis could be of construction geometry....

                    Notice how it is not a solid sphere, it is hollow, with a hole going along the axis of revolution....





                    I hope this helps you better understand the problem you had, and that now you feel more confident with this feature.

                    Don't hesitate to post (but don't forget to search around the forum for answers first...many people have the same questions...which most likely have been answered before on this site) any questions/problems you may have. There are plenty of experienced people on this forum, who love a challenge and you love to help you!