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    Configuration management in Enterprise PDM

    Julio Mendes


      I'm a new user of Enterprise PDM and need to management a drawing file with two or four sheets.

      It's possible? I think yes.

      I search in the help but didn't anything about.

      I don't agree with this statement (the software don't management two sheets).

      does somebody had the same problem?


      Thanks all.

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          Samu Niveri

          You need to understand that the revision you make is actually a revision for a file as the file is changed. There has been all kinds of solutions to use revisions in configuration or sheet level and in a short time it becomes a mess.

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            Faur Arama


            If I understood well you want to have one sheet of a drawing, let say in revision one, and the other one in working stage and the same thing on configurations.

            In my opinion with Entreprise PDM you can not do something like this. In the end a PDM system is a file management system and can not deal with some internal items of a file.

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              Julio Mendes



              I have this situation.


              In many cases my detail drawings have two or more sheets because I work with big assemblies.


              The SolidWorks have a feature to send section and details views to other sheet and preserve links such as BOM.


              But with PDMWorks or Entreprise we can not management these two sheets.


              And we have other elements to identify the drawing, like title, authors, dates, number of drawing, and others.


              So, when we don´t use this feature we increase the time to conclude the project, and we need to insert the one view to generate again the BOM and section and details views.


              These operations consume time and we can some mistakes.

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                Michael LaFleche

                This is possible.  It is perhaps the most handy on DWG documents, as these server as the official item that is being managed.  For SolidWorks, we typically think of parts and assemblies as the items that we want to manage,  To check in and manage each sheet of a DWG or even a SolidWorks drawing, turn on support for "Items" in the Admin tool for the document types you need.  Make sure you add "Items" support for the document "Category" in the Admin tool as well Then in the EPDM client, you can generate items.  I will write a blog post on this shortly at blog.capinc.com as I think this is an important topic.  Here is a picture that shows the steps and workflow.Items for Multi-Sheet drawings - with Notes.png