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SW'S 2011 Toolbox part number problem

Question asked by Albert Crausaz on Nov 24, 2010

I'm having an issue where the toolbox will not properly name part files upon creation. We have created excel files to give fasteners names and descriptions utilizing the export and import functionality within the toolbox. I've had a pretty good success rate doing this with only a few minor hiccups on occasion and have been doing this for several years. I've been using 2011 for over a month now and haven't had any problems until now. Today I tried to create a new group of fasteners, specifically ansi inch shoulder bolts, and seemed to have no issues until I actually inserted the newly created fastener into an assembly. Upon looking at the BOM in the assembly drawing I noticed that the new fastener's part name is called "Preview Cfg". Upon further investigation I see that all of the parts have this name as well. If I go back into the toolbox configurator it shows that the part name and description which i imported from the excel file are correct, but if I open the actual part model file and go to the configuration properties under "Bill of Materials Options" it lists the option of User Specified Name which is correct, but the name in the box is "PreviewCfg" instead of the name I imported and that is correctly shown in the toolbox configurator. It seems that the toolbox VBA master file has stopped working properly perhaps? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.