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Having trouble with CW Library

Question asked by Harry Stone on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2011 by Vic Main

I have added my solidworks models to a folder, they all have the .sldprt extension. I then open up the CW library to add them. I use Tools/Import Parts from Folder then browse to where I have stored them.

When I select the path, I select OK and the the Select Component Orientation screen pops up. I then select the orientation I need and select OK. Now I receive a message that reads "No Solidworks components were found in the specified folder. Index was outside the bounds of the array." I don't know what that message is referring to. I close out this message and then close the library. I opened up the library again and see the parts I just tried to load into my component library. This does not make sense since the pop up message stated there were no solidworks components. Has anyone experienced this.

Very frustrating