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windows 7 security configuration - solidworks explorer

Question asked by 1-T8R6TC on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by Scott McFadden

One of my domain users is having constant prompts by the win 7 UAC when attempting to modify settings under the "Options" dialog in the Solidworks Explorer app. The local user's account is not an admin or a power user. Just a standard user.


What kind of security modifications can I set so that these guys can modify the options within Solidworks Explorer without calling me over to put in the password?


I've already set "full control" to the <machine name>\Users group at these directories

prog files\Solidworks\

prog files(x86)\Solidworks\


and at prog files(x86)\solidworksx86\


But the issue persists.


Any advice would be appreciated. I would prefer not to run them as a power user and instead explicitly configure their OS to they can remain a normal user but have the added abilities to make configuration changes. Running the entire application as an administrator would result in a UAC prompt so that's not really a viable solution either. Hopefully someone else has worked through this before and can tell me.