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Optimum amount of RAM

Question asked by Chris Lindloff on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by Mark Craig

How much RAM is optimum for Solidworks when designing free form complex parts when using a mix of surfacing and solids?  I don't do many assemblies over 25-50 parts.  Some of my parts start as imported surfaces from laser scans, which tend to lead to larger file sizes and cause more problems.


I don't get any out of memory errors, but do get some slow rebuild times, which may be due to my modeling technique at times.


I currently run


XP Pro x64 ver 2003 SP2

Dell Precision T7500

Intel Xeon CPU

E5530 @ 2.4 Ghz

6.00 GB of RAM

Nvidia Quardro FX 3800

Solidworks 2010 SP4.0 (should be upgrading to 2011 withing a few months)


I actually have two video cards installed, but I think I really only am utilizing just one of them.  (apparantly a Dell error, and they installed 2)

I will be soon adding a second monitor but have not thought too much about how best to incorporate that yet.


I know when I got this machine a couple years ago, the VAR told my IT that it would be "suitable" for running solidworks, but I don't know how optimum it is without going all out spending $$.


Any specific suggestions on where I am lacking or where to make the next upgrade?