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Why does this work ?

Question asked by David Demaria on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by Gary Liptrot

Encountered a situation today that involved an assembly with a part driven by the sinple geometry of another. Created 2 configs for the assembly and the "master" component was able to happily drive the "slave" component. No problems at all until I tries creating a drawing of the slave part showing both of the 2x configs.


Although the part was switching between configurations perfectly in the assembly. Opening the slave component on it's own I realised I has no way of switching configurations. I put in some dummy configs and muddled my way through to make it work somehow. There prob is I have no way of knowing how or why this worked.


Question is... What controls the switching of configurations of slave parts when there is no assembly open for editing???

I have created a basic scenario of what im talking about here to assist anyone that may be able to she some light on this. I was expecting to see the two configs of the parent show up in the List external reference dialogue box. As the screen dump shows, nothing appears.


It works as expected but I have no idea exactly why.




Appreciate anyones thoughts on the matter,