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Alternative to eDrawings

Question asked by 1-UR1KNA on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by Mark Kaiser

Can someone advise? we have a client that currently has a drawn out process to view designs from SolidWorks, this is the current process:-


When the design engineer completes a design they save it in the normal process.


If a shopfloor operative needs to see the drawing currently the drawing is saved to a memory stick and uploaded to a remote workstation, the workstation has E-Drawing installed, the operative then browses the design (NB. Only browses). Again please note that the workstation is not networked.


My client is in the process of networking a number of shopfloor workstations, they wish to create a repository of SolidWorks designs on a network drive and allow the remote workstations access to the repository, we believe this setup will create a number of new problems e.g. Storage, Design Engineer Intervention i.e. updating repository on new & amended designs etc.


My question is:- Is there an interface available that can be installed on the remote workstations that will allow direct access to the SolidWorks database that will provide only client browse authority to the workstations, thus eliminating a number of the concerns raised by the planned repository.


Thank you for your help in advance




Mark Smith