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Task Scheduler 2011 Not Accepting Any Task - Always Blank

Question asked by 1-M4YJUK on Nov 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by Steven Vandermeulen

I am running windows vista 64 bit and just upgraded to 2011.

Task scheduler does not seem to work at all.

I am trying to schedule a animation to run overnight and the scheduler does not respond at all.

It does not list a single task even though I have given it several and even set it to start imediately.

I have gone to the temp folder where it stores the files and the folders of temp files are there.

When I have tried to schedule a 2nd task the button to set it to start after the other task is always grayed out.


Anyone else seen this yet or willing to test out their scheduler to see if it works?




Kyle S.