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    Toolbox Set-up

    Aric Tibbitts

      I seem to be having problems setting up toolbox and keeping it set-up.

      1. Do you need to have admin privleges on your computer to change the location of the hole wizard and toolbox folder.

          I get an error saying SW can not find the swbrowser.mdb file Its called SWbrowser.mdb on and its there in the right path.

      2. How to you keep the tool box added in.  It always says to add in the tool box in my design library. It never stays added in when I add it in

      3. After I get this resolved I like to follow the tip/post on Understanding Toolbox 2009 by Sal Lama.  Is there a 2010 or any other useful guides for setting up in PDM?



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          Aric Tibbitts

          Okay got a little further into getting toolbox set-up.

          1.  Problem of swbrowser.mdb seemed to just go away on its own.

          2.  Found under Add-ins that you need both Solidworks Toolbox and Solidworks Toolbook Browser checked for active and start-up

          3.  I was able to get started with the exercise on toolbox but got stuck on #3 where you are trying to assign partnumbers to a screw.

          Where I'm stuck is applying the part number in a bom drawing.  Currently I'm only getting the out-the-box file name to show up socket head cap screw_ai.

          I did make a new configuration and typed the part number in both the configuration name and part number field and I checked the box to use in bill of materials.

          But its still showing the socket head cap screw_ai.



          The properties.txt file doesn't seem to work correctly.

          Any suggestions would be helpful.

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              Scott McFadden


              I am glad you are making progress.  Can I make a suggestion?

              There are a lot of threads on this portal regarding toolbox.  I personally

              only like it as a starting point to create hardware.  Then I do save as and control my own parts.

              I have had numerous issues with toolbox and it's pathing.

              2 places I know that need or at the minimum checked.  There is a toolbox.ini file that

              records the toolbox path.  Find that and change it to the path desired in Notepad.

              Then in tools>options>HoleWizard/Toolbox make sure the path is correct and then

              go into configure and select user define settings and mak sure everything is correct in there as

              well.  Good Luck!!!


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              Faur Arama

              If you want to have custom par number description etc., first of all you must make a copy of an existing standard with a custom name. In the new created standard you can modify those prop..

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                Deepak Gupta

                Check this Toolbox - How To  about setting up Toolbox by Sal Lama

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                    Aric Tibbitts

                    I did and finally got it set-up.

                    However I'm having trouble with assigning part numbers and displaying them correctly on BOM's.

                    I can assign a P/N and it goes into the table shows up as a configuration on the toolbox component.  But only the parent part file name displays in the BOM.

                    I also checked the box saying display part number on BOM's