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Ideal Computer for SolidWorks

Question asked by leo white on Nov 22, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2010 by 1-5L4-905

What is your ideal computer for solid works.  I am an IT technician who is supporting a user having issues running Solidworks Simulation premuim.  Mostly it's just incredibably slow.  The computer is an older cad workstation.  I have been instructed to see about buying him a new one.


Main question i have is what does Solidworks benifit from having?  Is it thread intensive or does it do all of it's processing on 1 or 2 threads.


How much ram is enough?


How heavy does it lean on graphic's?  Will a quatro 3800 512mb card handle it.


I have setup a few computers for other engineers that are running Revit or Tekla software.  Those 2 programs benefit from having more threads available.  Any guidance would be appriciated.