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    Local file modified but not checked out?

    Clayton Mosher

      I just had a user contact me with an error when checking in an assembly.  A sub assembly is marked as "local file is modified" but he hasn't checked out the sub assembly or directly made any changes to the file.  I am not sure how this is happening, and can't recreate it myself.  Has anyone encountered this before, and know what could be causing it?


      Image of the properties card below (note the "The file is not checked out." and "Local file modified").


      ScreenHunter_05 Nov. 22 10.48.jpg

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          Scott McFadden


          Look at the file in the vault and see what the history is.  Look to see if there is something there that doesn't add up.

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            Mac Baker

            We ran into it many times.  I think the final "cure" was updating the vault.  Often, I'd be working on files which appeared to be checked out only to find out differently.

            The pop up tag indicating "Read Only" on the solidworks files I was editing was not consistant during those dark times.  We ended up only checking out the drawings through Solidworks and avoided checking out through the vault until the vault was updated.



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              Tony Greising-Murschel

              @Clayton: Do you know if these were weldment parts? There were some SPR's that fixed this issue where the file would get checked-in but the local would stay writable.

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                  Clayton Mosher

                  No weldement parts, but thanks for the idea.  I may see if it's something related.  He said he was trying to check in a drawing that he created from an assembly (but the assembly isn't checked out).


                  BTW: the workaround solution for him was to Get Lates Revision on the Assembly, so he's not stuck, but we're curious as to what is causing this

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                      Kevin Corr

                      Well Clayton, did you figure out what is causing this? I have a similar problem which may share the same cause with yours.


                      In creating some routing subassemblies, the default for routing is to make the flattened cable an 'internal' ie. virtual part. Subassembly checkin went ok. The next week or so we saved the internal part as 'external' in the routing assembly and checked in the subassembly. So now no internal parts. We think all is well.


                      Next, we check in the master assembly, which consists of the subassembly. NOT. The stop signs in the checkin dialog say "local file modified" next to items which used to be in the assembly as 'internal' files.



                      So, why does the subassembly checkin fine with external parts made from internal parts? If it checks in, the master assembly shouldn't care, right? Well, instead, it halts checkin because this subassembly's local version of the (now replaced)internal part is modified.


                      Is the workaround to pack and go the assembly with references to a place  outside the vault, delete the master assembly and references from the vault and then check the pack and go version in?

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                          Jeremy Feist

                          we don't use routing, but we use a lot of virtual components.


                          was the subassembly checked out while the flattened cable was changed to a "real" part? - it should have been, since you are changing what files it references.

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                            Clay Mosher

                            We did not ever find the cause to the issue, or an exact solution.  When we upgraded the vault, the issue stopped appearing however.

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                              Kevin Corr

                              Disappointingly, for already made routing subassemblies, there is no workaround or learning of a different procedure for checking in routing subassemblies with flattened internal parts into an epdm vault in the 2010 version of the software. The problem is a software bug that is fixed, in 2012. Remodel all routes checked in with internal parts(UGH!) It remains a mystery as to whether it is fixed in 2011.


                              For yet to be made routing subassemblies going into an epdm vault in 2010, the routing option to save parts externally should be set.

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                                  Jon Benavides

                                  Thats very interesting.. Does anyone have an SPR number on that bug fix?


                                  I too use virtual parts.. I would love to be able to use routing and have it do what i want it to do but it doesnt.  That being said I have been using Sub-assemblies and virtual parts for this purpose.  It has been working but just the past few weeks I have been running into a snag where it wouldnt save my changes.  I could hit the save button till im blue in the face (with the part checked out), close the assembly, re-open and alll changes made are just GONE!


                                  I think perhaps that it may stem from the way that virtual parts are saved in virtual memory while the part is bein edited.  They get stored in the windows temp directory.  However I am unclear as to what happens at save time.  From my understanding they are supposed to be embedded into the assembly "container" and saved along with it.  One thing i noticed is that from time to time that very same assembly with the virtual parts will not display the "This assembly contains virtual parts do you want to..." box giving you the option to save external or internal.  At that time you have no recourse but to close the part .. a reboot and relaunch of swx and BAMM no you can save with that box showing..


                                  I guess while im still in 2010 im going to change my mode of operation and set everything to external.