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Arriving / Net Radiant Heat Flux

Question asked by 1-PKJ6XI on Nov 22, 2010

I have an issue with the attached model. I am trying to predict the radiative heat flux on the floor. The model consists of a tube which the temperature on the surface is know as per the attached interpolation function, the reflector shape is attached also. The distance to the floor is 100 inches. The goal is to measure the radiative heat flux on the floor.


The numerical results of the net / arriving heat flux from simulation don't match the attached experimental data.


Please could you send me your feedback indicating why there is no agreement and how to fix better the model.. I have revised all the input to the model and they are all correct: material emissivity, tube temperature, interpolation fucntion. I use also an interpolation function which is also attached and you can see the results interpolate well the experimental data. I add a slab of concrete.


Attached also the heat flux experimental measurements. For the interpolation function, I use the cylindrical coordiantes radius of the pipe, theta in radians, and z direction in meter. Please see the attached interpolation function where it shows the difference the measured and predicted values and they are very close.


The goals are set to:


1- Predicting arriving heat flux or net heat flux on the floor "sensor".

2- Do we need to include the environmental radiation.

3- Predicting floor temperature.


The questions are:

1- Do we need to include the environmental radiation.

2- How to match the experimental data?


I appreciate your quick reply