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Design studies and failure

Question asked by Andy Krispie on Nov 22, 2010



I've been trying to use a design study to examine the sensitivity of certain geometric changes.  I'm using a nonlinear analysis and the failure mode is generally a combination of Euler and local buckling. 


Unfortunately the results I obtain using the design study are not consistent with those obtained doing a separate nonlinear analysis.  There seems to be some kind of issue with plot steps.  I am using automatic time stepping with a pre-defined min step, so for some cases it takes 5 steps and for others it takes 20 for the model to fail.  I am suspicious the problem is getting the design study to behave this way and not simply mimic the original non-linear analysis.


Has anyone had issues getting the design study function to predict failure?  Is it more of a check tool to be used only with working loads?


Any comments would be appreciated.