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How to improve performance

Question asked by Gert Kant on Nov 21, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2010 by Anna Wood

We are currently using SW2009 SP5.1 (6/7 users). EPDM/WPDM is not used at the moment. Most of the users are not satisfied with the performance. Data is stored on a server location. Data/server connection 1GB speed. Hardware configuration according/ or better than system requirements for SW2009. IT already tested the data connection/hardware and found no failures. We are searching for performance improvement and we are considering EPDM and upgrading to SW2010. We need to win at least 10-20% engineering time.(Engineering to order) Does EPDM upgrades performance?

Already searched the forum, cannot find the answer I am looking for.


Can someone give me an objective answer, does anyone have experience with working with and without EPDM and willing to tell me the diffirences.


Kind Regards,

Gert Kant