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Q: Product design development ?

Question asked by Ahmed ashal on Nov 20, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by Ahmed ashal

hello everybody

my name is Ahmed , and I'm a mechanical design engineer who is interested sometimes in product design.

when i was young i was interested in drawing cars. then i learned 3DS MAX which is a very powerful poly modeling tool for artists and visualization.

my love of designing cars increases, and i decide to learn some specialized tools for car designing ; so i came to use Aliasstudio,  in the same time i had to

choose a package for mechanical design as it is my career.....

i found that Solidworks is awesome package for mechanical design , but when we talk about product design , although the major enhancement of surface modeling tools in recent versions ,  i think there is some question and exclamation marks which i need to find answers for them ;


first of all and the most important to me:

  • when SW user will find a G2,3,4 curves like these in alias instead of the weak spline tool which is very very easy to loose its continuity if u made small tweaks in 3D  ?
  • when will we see the lattice method for part modeling ? (for those who don't know)  it's a reshaping method where the program create a lattice of a specified shape     and number of vertices around the the part through which u can control the shape of the part after designing it.. also known as (total modeling).
  • when will we see some ART designing tools like picture imposing or deposing on a surface?


isn't SW is only a CAD (also maybe CAE) package like Dassault  want ? why so Dassault don't improve these critical points in it !!!?


please i need a real and direct answer to these questions specially the first one (when will we see the G2,3,4 curve in SW ?) is it possible or not ?

as it will be a turn-point in my life.

Thanks for your time, thanks for your reading , and thanks for your answers.

Ahmed el_ash3al