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    3D Content Central Crashing or Hanging

      Sometimes when I access the webpage directly it gets caught in an infinite loop.

      Peter Gillespie
      SolidWorks 2004 SP1 / COSMOS 2004
        • 3D Content Central Crashing or Hanging
          If anyone else see's this,.. please report it, this has been going on for many releases, currently in 2006 sp5.1 and also it does this in SW2007.
          When accessing 3DCC (3DContentCentral), via the right Design Library menu, SW will hang and/or crash!
          I have to kill SW and Explorer in the taskmanager to resolve.
          This seems to happen when first attempting to access 3DCC after say a reboot. After killing SW I can usually try again and get in?
          Also, when using the 3DCC Search, it sometimes also crashes?