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Decals and Smarteam

Question asked by Dan Eldred on Nov 19, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2010 by Jeff Holliday

I recently demonstrated how to apply decals to solidworks models to some coworkers. They liked this option for applying graphics to models as it is very simple and fast; however, when attempting to check in the solid models with decals into Smarteam the image file does not get checked in with the model. I have tried adding the image to the Design Binder but Solidworks is unable to use this file as the decal reference until it is extracted and saved.


If anyone has any workarounds or suggestions i'd greatly appreciate it. I realize that Photoworks is falling into obsolescence soon and Photoview 360 is taking over. if photoview 360 has a better option i'd gladly use it instead. although we are still on solidworks 2009 but moving to 2010 in a few months.