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    Insertion Force Analysis

    Aaron Bobuk

      I'm wondering how to solve the following problem using Solidworks Simulation: I want to be able to determine the force that it would take to insert a pin in a slot (accounting for normal and frictional force).


      Here's an example screenshot of what I'm looking to do:


      • I'm holding the base of my slot fixed (shown in green)
      • have rollers/sliders to constrain y & z movement of my pin (shown in red)
      • I'm applying a 2mm displacement on the pin to shove it into the slot (shown in magenta)
      • I have a contact set defined between the pin/slot as "no penetration" with the coefficient of friction defined between the 2 faces as .5


      After I run the static FEA analysis (don't have dynamic package) I end up with a force on the back face of the pin of 0.0044 lbs.  But, if I just perform a displacement on the slot (deform it as it will when the pin is inserted), I get a resultant force 0.015 lbs.  So I'm going wrong somewhere: my insertion force due to friction will be higher (0.5*0.015 lbs) than the 0.0044 lbs specified from the simulation of the pin going into the slot.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.