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    Anyone know how to use IEdmBatchGet to checkout a bunch of items?

    Kent Keller


      This interface can be used to get local copies of, or check out, several files at once. It is much faster to use this interface, when processing several files at one, than to call IEdmFile5::GetFileCopy and IEdmFile5::LockFile on each and every one of them.


      Notice that the documentation says that this is used to get copies of OR CHECK OUT, but there are no instructions or options on how to instruct a checkout as opposed to a simple get file.



      'Need to checkout all parents first (may need another query)


      Dim batchCheckout As IEdmBatchGet

      batchCheckout = thisVault.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_BatchGet)


      Dim varCheckout(0) As EdmSelItem

      Dim strFoo As String = ""


      For Each r (my loop)

      varCheckout(0).mlDocID = r("ItemID")

      varCheckout(0).mlProjID = r("ProjectID")

      batchCheckout.AddSelection(thisVault, varCheckout)

      Next r


      batchCheckout.CreateTree(0, EdmLib.EdmGetCmdFlags.Egcf_Lock)



      How do I cause it to perform the checkout?