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SW 2011 Photoview 360 Freezing on Larger Assemblies

Question asked by Douglas Fox on Nov 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2010 by Douglas Fox

Anyone else having these issues?   We switched to SW2011 recently to take advantage of the integrated PV360 for more consistent view angles between models and to render animations with PV360.


However, I can now longer render medium to large assemblies at all.  With 12GB of RAM, an nVidia Quadro FX 3800, and an iCore 7 on this machine (btw, during freezing, the CPU is only at 10-20% usage and the RAM is at 30% usage), it still just hangs there forever.


The funny thing is I was able to render similar size models on a 4 year old Dell Precision using SW2010 version of PV360 (standalone).


I've attached the following to show you what I'm up against:

  • "Building.tif" is the model I'm currently trying to render.
  • "Stats.gif" is the assembly statistics of the above noted model.
  • "From SW2010 PV360.tif" is a similar model that I rendered on an older duo core, 3GB ram laptop using SW2010.  I can no longer render this exact same assembly with the new SW2011 version of PV360.


Maybe there's trick I'm missing???  If so, please help!!